Financial Advisory


Investigation of suspicious activities, Funds Tracing. Expert Testimony; Mitigation of damages analysis.


Loan Portfolio Pricing Analysis; Deposit Premiums; Quality of revenue streams; Analysis of Concentrations, etc.


Restructuring loan terms or entering into workout agreements with troubled borrowers to ultimately mitigate potential losses to the creditor based on analysis of borrowers' strengths/weaknesses and estimates of collateral values.


Tax planning; Strategies for minimizing taxes; Preparation of various income tax provisions.


Design and assessment of system of Internal Control over Financial Reporting.


Fair Value estimates for financial reporting; fairness opinions; purchase price allocations; fair market valuations for shareholders purposes, etc.


Executive Compensation Studies for tax deductibility; and peer group comparisons.


Convertible redeemable preferred, warrants, options, etc.



Risk Advisory

Entity Assessments; Asset/ Liability Management; Interest Rate Risk Analysis


Loan Review and Asset Quality Rating


The Capsa Group provides an integrated, efficient approach to third party loan review services designed to meet both regulatory expectations and internal control considerations.



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Design, implementation, and execution of internal audit plan. Capsa uses a “top-down, risk-based approach that efficiently achieves the goals of testing internal control over financial reporting against an acceptable framework. Typically institutions adopt the framework of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (“COSO”). We are fully experienced in matching controls with the explicit principles laid out in the most recently adopted COSO framework, “COSO 2013."