The Capsa Group understands the unique needs and complex issues you face.


Our specialized industry approach provides you a seasoned team with years of practical experience who assist you in facing current challenges and reaching future strategic goals.


Industry experience has emerged at the top of the list of what businesses need and expect from their accountants and advisors. The power of industry experience is perspective - perspective we bring to help you best leverage your own capabilities and resources.


Financial institutions represent a broad spectrum of disciplines and service areas, many with differing business models but all using financial assets as a means to generate increasing returns on equity invested. It is in this marketplace that the recent economic crisis and resulting increase in state and federal oversight has fundamentally changed the landscape in which your financial institution operates.  We stay informed on current banking industry regulations so that we can help bankers and their institutions better navigate the changing landscapes.


In addition to significant changes in the regulatory environment, the economic crisis has disrupted traditional revenue streams for banks. The impact of both the Dodd-Frank legislation and other changes in regulatory oversight by various federal agencies is a concern for industry leaders as they look to adapt to stricter and more complex compliance regulations in addition to ever-changing accounting rules and disclosures.


The Capsa Group understands the unique needs and complex issues you face.  We take a proactive approach to addressing concerns before they become major issues, and provide tailored services that best fit your needs.